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February 08 2018


Certified Information Systems Auditor and CISA Exam Tips

CISA® (Certified Computer Auditor) can be a globally recognized certification for IS Audit, Control and Assurance. The certification is issued by ISACA formerly called Human resources Audit and Control Association but used only as an acronym now due the broader scope of domains and certifications it currently covers. ISACA issues the CISA, CISM, CRISC, CGEIT along with the CSX Certifications. The CSX may be the latest addition that covers the Cyber Security domain. You are able to refer detailed CISA syllabus at given URL:
CISA could be the oldest from the ISACA Certifications, going back early 1978. Over 1.25 lakh everyone has earned the CISA designation since inception (depending on ISACA website). It’s valued across industries as well as mandated for select job profiles. It’s among the highest paying IT Certifications according to a study conducted by Global Knowledge.
To become a CISA Certified professional, there are 3 key steps.
Pass the CISA exam
Have relevant expertise of 5 yrs. (there are specific exemptions for this. For details, visit ISACA).
Stick to the code of Ethics and Professional Standards established by ISACA. This web site post will handle the initial with the 3 portions, namely the passing from the CISA exam.
From 2017, the CISA exam will likely be conducted via CBT (Internet based Testing). To find out more for this, go to the post titled Changes on the CISA Exam Structure from 2017
Suggestions to pass the CISA
Use the CRM (CISA Review Manual) judiciously. The most up-to-date is the CRM 26th Edition that can be found about the ISACA Bookstore to buy. It’s a must have. It’s considered the Bible for CISA and even though it’s very verbose, it’s well presented with detailed and well-constructed sentences with apt examples. However, the CRM isn't cornerstone, meaning you wouldn't find questions within the CISA directly from the CRM. CISA is really a professional certification and it relies on using knowledge instead of rote learning. Hence, the CRM is to be used judiciously in the sense that you don’t cram the many topics nevertheless, you instead see the usage or application. For instance, BCP or Business Continuity Planning shall be understood from the point of how or whenever a BCP is initiated, who initiates the BCP, what are the components of the BCP and just how it’s not the same as a DRP (Disaster Recovery Planning). In case you instead were to skim around for who invented the BCP or which organizations use or don’t make use of the BCP, you are absolutely wasting your preparation time.
The CISA Review QAE Manual or the Questions, Answers and Explanations Manual is vital. You can either pick the 11th edition or subscribe for any Twelve month subscription towards the QAE database. Both of them are exhaustive and provide you with loads of domain-wise practice tests with detailed explanations. There is also a full-length Mock exam at the end. These are generally excellent resources and a nice confidence booster to your preparation. However, do observe that the CISA questions wouldn't come directly from the QAE for obvious reasons. Really should be fact, most of the CISA questions might predict syllabus to you in the exam. The reason being, even though the QAE focuses more on the direct questions, the CISA examination tests the candidates idea of the concepts. Nonetheless, getting an 80-90% consistently around the QAE has helped many participants feel a tiny bit better prepared and mentally strong while appearing for your CISA.
ISACA CISA certification sample questions can provide you with brief idea on questions difficulty level
Online resources, videos or podcasts are another essential method to obtain preparation. Online course portals like ApnaCourse.com have self-paced / instructor-led video classes for CISA which are aligned towards the CRM. The benefit of doing such web based classes is to get a much better and clearer understanding of the concepts in the CRM. As noted earlier, the CRM is pretty verbose and it’s highly likely that you could get off track midway. Movie courses may help retain the attention span. It’s proven that slides have better attention and retention than textbooks. Thus, it’s recommended to enroll in a self-paced training course such as the one seen on ApnaCourse for CISA.
Plan, Plan, and Plan: There is no better tool or easy guide for that CISA when compared to a proper planning. The optimal preparation time is 4 months in case you have an identification in Auditing or IT Security leading to 6-8 months for anyone new to these areas (assuming you would spend around 7-8 hours every week). Define your exam date well ahead of time and detail your study plan thoroughly. It’s great for cook a Gant Chart of your respective study plan with week-wise milestones. Purchase the relevant CRM, QAE and enroll into a web-based training or instructor-led training beforehand. The master plan ought to be up until the date in the exam so ensure you have significant control on it including provisioning for any contingencies like unplanned vacations etc. that may hamper your study plan.

Avoid online for free tests: A straightforward search engine will throw open tons of online for free tests for your CISA. Please avoid taking such tests. Nearly all are outdated or have wrong solutions that will confuse test taker. The CISA is a lot more application based and hence it’s crucial that you view the concepts thoroughly as opposed to takes many tests. The references mentioned in the above points numbered 1-3 are sufficient for your preparation. In case you have done the QAE completely, that you should enough.
Perform the Mock a week prior to the exam date. As mentioned earlier, the QAE provides 1 full mock exam. Accomplish that on the weekend exactly 5-7 days prior to the actual exam date. Create an exam atmosphere and avoid family disturbances. It’s vital that you recreate an assessment situation as the CISA is a gruelling 4 hour long exam. Most candidates tend to make entire 4 hours’ time because of the futility of the test. Hence, it’s very important to sit down by way of a mock or possibly a simulator exam of comparable structure.
About the days post the mock exam and prior to the actual exam, revise the concepts over and over again. It doesn’t hurt to check the CRM, quickly investigate QAE and revisit bookmarked sections of the net training. But avoid attempting to understand new concepts. If for example you didn't intend to understand Virtualization inside your earlier preparation time, avoid learning it now. It’s better to master the domains you might be positive about rather than venture into newer ones. To find out a domain-wise scoring for CISA, there is no minimum marks per domain a candidate should achieve that need considering as pass. Hence, spend some time revisiting and reviewing the concepts and understand your regions of pros and cons.
Take it easy on yesterday the exam. It’s easy to get angry and fret regarding the exam the next day. However, it’s essential that you relax and fresh for that exam. Drink a lot of liquid the day before, energise your system well, watch some TV shows or play an activity and most importantly make sure you get enough sleep. Again, the CISA is quite a gruelling exam. Most candidates are in their early or late 30’s while appearing for your CISA so it’s been over 8-10 years simply because they sat on such long duration exams.
Try taking a little refreshments to the exam hall. Test hall offers the fundamental facilities including rest rooms and drinking water. You happen to be also in a position to carry refreshments though the same must be kept separately and never on your desk. You'll be able to play a sugar toffee or perhaps a glucose drink ahead of quality. Avoid electronics including cell phones. Keep these things in silent mode and within your bag. The bag must be kept at the designated area only and not in your area.
Don’t rush to the exam centre. Make sure you have enough time to get there a minimum of an hour or so prior to exam start time. It helps to learn the actual location of the exam centre several days prior so that you don’t get tensed looking for the centre location on the exam day. It could be also best if you use a shawl or sweater if you happen to are required to sit right under the AC or near a cooler. Most CBT centres get really chill immediately after hours. Quality instructions will become half hour ahead of the exam time. Ensure you see the instructions carefully. Complete the fundamental information details when you proceed with the examination
Take a deep breath and begin your exam. When the initial few questions boggle you, simply mark them for review and go forward. Do not spend your time about the questions you aren’t sure. Such questions is only going to consume your time and efforts and make fear inside you. You can revisit these questions towards the end. Answer the ones that you really feel are confident and comfy.
You’ll find not many answer choices that could be ignored. Of the 4 options per question, in most cases, all 4 or min 3 will appear to be the right option choice. However, keenly see the question. See the question once, twice as well as thrice. A single word or perhaps a phrase may develop a different meaning altogether. Evaluate every answer option and discover why you ought to become more suited as opposed to runners. Keep an eye for bolded or highlighted words inside the question like “MOST”, “BEST” etc. Such questions imply that while all answer choices suited, there's merely one option that's correct. Ask “Why” on every option choice. What this means is to inquire about “Why option 1 is correct” or “Why option 2 isn't the right option” etc. The harder you may ask yourself “Why” the higher can be your probability of discovering the right answer.
Look at the answers before submitting the test. It’s highly likely the exam was stressful and you're simply relieved to own completed it soon enough. But ensure to hold 10-15 minutes to review your responses, at least those marked for review or ones that seemed tricky. Tend not to force yourself to affect the answer. Analyse and realise why a selected options correct or better suited and not the others.
Pray the almighty colliding with the Submit button. Look at your provisional result and jump up for those who have passed! Until Dec 2016, the CISA was obviously a paper based exam that have having to wait of 5 weeks for that results to be published. That’s changed from 2017. The CISA has become Online (CBT). To find out more, browse the related blog titled Changes on the CISA Exam Structure from 2017. Because of this you would get a provisional score as soon as you visit submit.
Return and start the detailed application. The application includes information on your projects experience, waivers or no etc. Its takes ISACA about Five to six weeks to process a credit card applicatoin. So make sure you start filling that early and submitting it quickly. After you have passed quality and submitted the application, you'll be approved by ISACA to become CISA Certified Professional.
Hope this website covered whatever you were seeking in your preparation for the CISA. All the finest for your exam! Leave your comment below for almost any clarification or perhaps a happy note if these guidelines helped you pass.
For more info about CISA Practice exams view this popular web page.

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